Thursday, December 18, 2014

Downtown San Pedro Square Market #3?

The San Pedro Square Market set off a chain reaction in the Downtown San Jose food scene unlike any other I can remember. Not only is the original SPSM looking to capitalize on its success and substantially expand over the next few years, but it seems like everyone is now jumping on the market concept to try to be the next SPSM. A few months ago, the second Downtown market officially opened its doors with two great vendors. By the end of next year, the SoFA Market should be completely leased out and act as a key anchor in the neighborhood.

Now, get this... there are plans for a THIRD market near San Jose State University called Metro Public Eatery and Bar. This will be next to the Grocery Outlet on the corner of Sixth and Santa Clara. The size of the space is 10,000 SQFT and it can support up to 10 eateries! There will also be a full-service speakeasy-style cocktail bar and a special events area for private parties.

Like the other Downtown markets, there will be no chains. Some of the planned eateries are a kabob-style restaurant with exotic meats like bison and alligator, a fish taco stand, a Japanese burger bar, tapas, and a pastry shop. You can also expect live music and entertainment on the weekends.

The new market will also try to differentiate itself with a modern industrial design targeted to students and office workers Downtown. Currently the Metro Public Eatery is in permitting and scheduled to open by the end of 2015. I can't wait!

Source: Spartan Daily


  1. This is fantastic news. Glad something useful is going into once empty ugly spaces.

  2. This is too small to be competitive. Even a straight up 100x100' space would look feel small no matter how many walls were put up to distract from that.

  3. This whole corner lot, including the supermarket, should be just torn down for good.
    A mixed-use townhome/market type development would look and feel way better than this bi-polar parking lot.

    1. The supermarket is fine, it feels a need for the current residents around that area. There are still many mid-income to low-income residents in Downtown, especially on that eastern side, so Grocery Outlet will stay.

      Other than that, I agree it's better to develop the parking lot into office/condos.

  4. This place does need to be torn down. a Nice High Rise next to City Hall would be ideal! with retail, commercial, offices and an underground parking. I think BART underground station will be build across the street. (not sure) but something to cover this huge GAP that terrorizes downtown. It looks like a nuke went off in the parking lot.

  5. When Albertsons and Lucky were in the spot, supposedly plans were being kicked around for a mixed use building with grocery like what the 88 is today (I'm assuming Albertsons was going to be the tenant at the time) but it still remains as a dumpy 1960s throwback to strip malls. When Super Mercado closed up, the remaining shops should have been shown the door too and this thing leveled. Grocery Outlet seems to do well there and they have a lease signed for the space, so that would demo and rebuild more complicated now days.

  6. Any updates on this? I just saw a banner for the first time above the proposed space, where the Asian restaurant currently resides.