Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Costco Officially Coming to South San Jose

Last week developers confirmed that a new Costco would be coming to South San Jose on a 76-acre parcel near the intersection of Highway 85 and Monterey Highway. This will be San Jose's 4th Costco--the other 3 are in Almaden, North San Jose, and off Tully.

The Wholesaler will be part of a project that includes up to 780 residential units, 154,000 SQFT of retail, and 260,000 SQFT of office or R&D.

Given the large number of people that currently live in this part of South San Jose (as well as future residents from all the new development there), this should benefit an area that is under-serviced by retail. I will also mention that this will be the closest San Jose Costco to a Caltrain station, not that I foresee anyone carrying reams of toilet paper on the train.

Source: SVBJ

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  1. The Costco near San Jose Airport which is in the City of Santa Clara has to many San Jose customers. Our tax money is being funded in Santa Clara city. Great job oppening this new one. It would had been a better idea to build it somewhere in the South East side to benefit the east side and evergreen area.