Sunday, June 21, 2015

Give Pokebowl a Home

Pokebowl is a popular Poke stand that is a staple of Friday Farmer's Market on San Pedro with a ton of loyal followers. They are are looking to open up a permanent location with both Poke bowls and Brazilian Acai bowls in the SoFA market by the end of the summer! Unfortunately they are about $35,000 short of what is needed to open up shop, so they decided to use Kickstarter to try to raise the remaining funds.

They have a lot of great rewards. For a $10 pledge, you get a limited edition "Stephen Curry" Poke bowl and a cup of fresh watermelon or pineapple juice. For $600 you get a year's worth of Poke. Their ultimate reward comes with a $5,000 Kickstarter pledge: a round trip ticket to Brazil for Carnaval 2016 and a live show, plus an exclusive catering event for 20 people.

Head over to the Pokebowl Kickstarter page to bring them to SoFA!

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