Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Content Pick-Up Party Tomorrow! (Issue 7.3 Style)

Content Magazine's latest issue launches tomorrow and the main theme is South Bay style. The pick up party is going to be from 7-9pm at The Continental Bar. Content subscribers will get VIP access to the back patio lounge and a free beer or wine as well as a free appetizer courtesy of Grub Shack. If you still aren't a subscriber, head over here.

Music: Talkie, Amy Dabalos | Sponsors: The Continental Bar, Filco Events, Talkie, Amy Dabalos

STYLE 7.3 Featuring: Okayama, Japan | Skyline | Maker: Genevieve Santos | San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles: Nancy Bavor | Style Portrait Series | WEKFEST | The Continental Bar: Sam Ramirez | FAME & FutureArtsNow!: Bobbi Vie | Underground: Samuel & Bella Garcia | Asiel Design: Jonathan & Linnae Gomez | Matriarchate: Mark Chua | Sonido Clash | Talkie | Amy Dabalos | Album Picks: Tommy Aguilar | Author: Eva Murray | Content Calendar | Content LABS

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