Monday, October 12, 2015

Downtown San Jose Restaurant List Updates! (2015 Q4 Edition)

Today we get to discuss the latest changes to Downtown San Jose Restaurants. First off, the good news. We are up to a grand total of 260 eateries! This is yet another record-breaking number for Downtown San Jose! Our little database had 206 eateries in 2011.

As always there were some significant closures as well. The ones that stood out to me were Sonoma Chicken Coup and South First Billiards (which was a cool place, but I'll be the first to say the food was not great). On the other hand, quite a few places opened up in the last few months. Here are some notable additions to the Downtown restaurant scene as well as a look into the future:
  • Lou's Beachshack - The third incarnation of Lou's Village, located at the San Pedro Square Market. I love their fish sandwiches, popcorn shrimp, and abalone sliders. This is a solid addition to Downtown and a great nostalgic return of one of San Jose's most famous establishments.
  • Oni Mexicantessan - Killer Mexican sandwiches, also at the San Pedro Square Market. This is a sister restaurant to Loteira Taco Bar down the hall.
  • Deluxe Eatery & Drinkery - New American restaurant on San Fernando with a notable chef (Chad Ferry: The Plumed Horse, Paolo's, Spagos). Have not been here yet, but I can't wait to try their short rib tater tots.
  • Voltaire Coffee House - New boutique coffee shop at the base of 360 Residences. Downtown San Jose has a lot of great coffee shops, and this already ranks among the best. 
  • Aura Kitchen - New restaurant/nightclub replacing Motif in SoFA. They landed the chef from Nobu London. I've heard great things about this place even though it just opened.
  • HOM Korean Kitchen - The Chipotle of Korean Food comes to Santa Clara St. and is open very late!
  • Williams St. Restaurants: Added 6 restaurants that are technically within the boarder of Downtown San Jose: Sonia's Kitchen, SA-By Thai, Da Lat Cafe, Pho Cong Ly, Mi Chalateca, and Creasian. Highly recommend trying out Creasian.
  • COMING SOON (Now you can find all "Coming Soon" restaurants at the top of the list)
    • Hawaiian Poke Bowl (SoFA Market)
    • Milk and Wood (SoFA Market)
    • Vitamina Juices & Blends (SoFA Market)
    • Origins Juicery (1st St., former Discovery Store)
    • San Jose Pizza Co. (Santa Clara Street near San Pedro)
    • Uproar Brewery (SoFA, former Zer01 Garage)
Below is the change log from the Downtown San Jose Restaurants Database:

7/31/2015Chef Monalisa closed
7/31/2015Added Uproar Brewery in SoFA
8/1/2015Added Oni Mexicantessan and Lou's Beach Shack, both in the San Pedro Square Market
8/23/2015Changed the formatting so that restaurants "COMING SOON" will always appear at the top of the list
9/8/2015Sonoma Chicken Coop and South First Billiards closed
9/9/2015Added Deluxe Eatery & Drinkery at 71 E. San Fernando
9/13/2015Added 6 restaurants on Williams St. near SJSU: Sonia's Kitchen, SA-By Thai Cuisine, Creasian, Pho Cong Ly, Dalat Cafe, and Mi Chalateca
9/14/2015Added Voltaire Coffee House in SoFA
9/21/2015Motif has been replaced with Aura Kitchen and Bar on South First Street
10/4/2015Replace Cheese Steak Shop on Santa Clara Street with HOM Korean Kitchen
10/4/2015Added Origins Juicery, coming soon to 150 S. 1st Street

If you haven't bookmarked it yet, here's the link to the spreadsheet! There is also a permanent link over to the right entitled Downtown San Jose Restaurants.


  1. Hi guys. Hawaiian Poke Bowl here at SoFA Market is now open. Cheers, Nate

  2. Ooh this looks great! I'll have to check these out instead of going to my usual boring places in downtown. Thanks again for all this great content Joshua. I looked at your google profile and turns out we're both santa clara grads and studied economics- go broncos! Keep up the great work with the blog - I visit it several times a week and love this revialization the city is going through.