Wednesday, February 17, 2016

El Camino Hospital nabs land in South San Jose

El Camino Hospital just paid $23.4 million for a 16-acre lot on Santa Teresa Boulevard. The speculation for a lot that size is that El Camino might be interested in building their third hospital on this site (they already have full-service hospitals in Mountain View and Los Gatos). The amount of land is far more than what is needed for just medical offices, and South San Jose has enough population to support another hospital in the area--especially with more housing going up at the old IBM campus.

El Camino has been hesitant to announce any concrete plans and has indicated that we shouldn't expect anything to happen soon. I'm hoping they don't sit on the land for too long. If built the project would not bring in any new tax dollars since it would be exempt, but a hospital in the area would improve services for local residents, bring more jobs, and likely increase housing values in the area.

Source: SVBJ


  1. El Camino buys land for new San Jose hospital
    Hospital officials say $24 million land purchase will expand services into South Bay

    Ken King, the hospitals' chief administrative services officer, said it's been an "exhaustive" search to find new land for the hospital to expand, and that there are few options left for undeveloped land in the Bay Area. Between the Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses, King said a third location will allow El Camino Hospital to serve a greater number of patients who reside far from the existing facilities.

  2. It's right next to Kaiser Hospital... nice