Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Lucas Museum in San Jose (Part 2)

Well, it's official. Chicago is no longer in the running for an iconic museum housing George Lucas' expansive art collection. The leaves San Francisco and Los Angeles to fight for the $1.5 billion project. That includes $700 million in construction costs, a $400 endowment, and $400 million worth of art, educational materials, and movie memorabilia. That would be the largest single philanthropic gift by a private citizen to any city in the US.

I think now would be the time for San Jose to throw its hat in the ring. George Lucas has received boatloads of opposition from both San Francisco and Chicago. Their loss should be our gain--let's welcome Lucas with open arms!

There are several locations in or near Downtown San Jose that would work, not to mention Kelly Park. I'm sure we could arrange to give him total creative freedom and some sort of incentives in exchange for having another world class museum in San Jose. These are the types of projects that will help elevate San Jose's culture and brand to the next level. We have a million well-educated, diverse, progressive residents and these are the types of projects we need to fight for!

Source: SVBJ


  1. That would be a great thing for the city. Unfortunately this is the only place you will here of it. San Jose's leaders are clueless about how their city is so low in profile.
    Their best idea is to convert all our sewer water to be drinkable so we drink other people's toilet water. Next they will ship all of San Francisco's sewer water (which they get pure from Hetch Heychy) to San Jose so we can suck up San Francisco's sewage.
    San Jose should go after a project such as this, but realistically a place like Kelly Park would just not offer someone like Lucas the prestige location. San Fran or LA will get it and we will again hold San Francisco's jock strap.

  2. The project doesn't look too tall - maybe it could go in Guadalupe Gardens. It would just need good sound insulation.