Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Outdoor dining will finally be allowed again in San Jose!

After two and a half months, finally there will be some relief for struggling restaurants and foodies alike. Starting this Friday, in Santa Clara County you will be able to dine at a restaurant--albeit outside. With summer weather on the way, there are many great spots in Santana Row, Downtown San Jose, and Willow Glen where you will be able to have a stellar dining experience even with the restrictions (social distancing measures still in place). I'm looking forward to seeing which restaurants will open up first.

Also allowed this Friday will be in-store shopping with face masks, childcare for all kids in stable groups of up to 12, all manufacturing as long as social distancing measures are in place, low contact services, and all pet grooming. Small outdoor ceremonies and religious services will be allowed for groups up to 25. Finally, all outdoor recreational activities that do not involve physical contact will reopen including swimming pools, hiking, tennis, golf, camping, etc.

We are slowly heading back towards some normalcy. I personally can't wait to have a meal and a cocktail again at a nice restaurant!

Source: SVBJ, Santa Clara Public Health

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