Monday, October 9, 2023

Safeway next to Valley Fair Mall finally closing, perhaps opening up expansion opportunities

After 67 years, the anachronistic-looking Safeway next to Valley Fair mall is finally closing. It was only a matter of time given how valuable this land is and how unusual it is to have a Safeway right next to the most successful mall in California.

This opens a pretty significant expansion opportunity for the mall, which has been on a roll with both retail stores and experiences for visitors such as a high-end cinema, bowling, escape games, and foodie destinations like Eataly, Din Tai Fung, and Baekjeong. Perhaps the location could be used to push out Macy's Men's and extend the newest wing. This area is filled with premium outdoor dining, luxury retailers like Lucid Motors and new flagship stores (Apple, Burberry). While most malls are struggling, Valley Fair and Santana Row are both thriving, so now would be a great time to continue to invest.

As for the Safeway employees, they will all be given options to move to other stores in the area.

Source: SFGATE

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