Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Jose Airport - Potential People Mover Route?

There have been talks for quite sometime of building a people mover or personal rapid transit system (PRT) connecting San Jose International Airport to existing and future transportation systems. These would include Light Rail, Caltrain, and even BART.
Today I stumbled upon an image of a potential route around SJC from the smart growth/planning site Cities21. Click on the image to see the full map. This might be a wild dream, but I'll be the first to celebrate if anything close to this actually comes to fruition!

Below is an example of what a PRT system "car" could look like. There are already some PRT systems in place around the world (West Virginia University, London Heathrow Airport, etc.).


  1. That looks cool, but first things first - they need to fix that abominable two mile route that circles the airport. It could be made much shorter.

  2. I think they are working on it with the Airport remodel. There are some renderings that were posted in the SJ development news forum, I think I'll repost them here tonight.

  3. How about a speed walkway for those poeple that have a hard time humping 600 yards from Southwest gate 22 to the exit?

    Instead they waste money on ugly parking lot artwork and architecture that doesn't match adjascent terminal.

  4. I had a flight from that same gate so I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    Some good news, when Terminal B opens in June it'll be a 50-100 yard walk.

  5. Parking In San Jose Airport:
    Watch out for the trap.

    I was cited $45 parking violation at the parking building.
    I was parked against the wall with many other cars.
    There was no sign, no red or yellow lines or any color line.

    It seems to be an intentional trap to make more money in addition to the $30 parking fee?

    This is UNFAIR & UNETHICAL for this new state of the art airport. Not posting any signs is negligent.

    The next time I am flying out: San Jose Airport will be my last option, if any at all.


  6. I just think that it's a good thing for San Jose airport. It might really boost its revenue.

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  7. Sometime I need to park for few minutes or half and hour. Man this will be so painfull if it'll be charge $30 for me. After all I am a Starving Student.