Thursday, September 24, 2009

Downtown San Jose Condo Sales Gaining Traction

There was a good article in the Merc a couple days ago that sheds more light on how high-rise condo sales are doing in Downtown San Jose. A few numbers have already been shared in the latest Downtown Dimension, but the image below really puts it all into perspective. While the numbers don't seem awe inspiring, keep in mind the economic times, the negative perception many people still have of downtown, and the fact that this type of housing product is a new concept to a city which is just now moving away from suburban thinking. Every time I visit Downtown I notice more lights turned on in the condo buildings, which provides me with an oddly reassuring feeling. By this time next year, hopefully every condo will have an owner and developers will be breaking ground on the next round of residential skyscrapers.

Click here to read the full Merc article.


  1. Gratned I am happy to see more dense urban styled building go up in Downtown San Jose, these really aren't very tall. If San Jose wants to build up, they should start building tall buildings out of the path of the airport away from downtown. When I drive over the hill on 280 South and see the SJ skyline, it looks like the buildings are short and stubby.

  2. I don't think such cold, personality lacking buildings contribute to downtown san jose living. Plus, they're overprized. Most downtown developments are barely half bought or under contract (and rumor has it that those under contract are trying to pull out).

    Anyhow, if you want to put SJ on the map, look at at the corner of Julian and first. Those four housing (both rental and owner) apt buidlings are genius. They are sleek, modern, will look contemporary in 15 years time (some have been up for over a decade) and keep the residential, friendly feel. Tall buildings ruin that nice, shady, residential homey feel of San Jose.

    I don't appreciate it when developers gain the right to build what I deem are really ugly, charmless structures (as what is planned in the Church block in front of St. James Park).

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