Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worst Ad Possible for Broadway San Jose

While watching Heroes tonight (disappointing in and of itself), I caught a glimpse of the Center of the Performing Arts in a commercial, hit rewind on the DVR and decided to watch it. What I saw was the ABSOLUTE WORST WAY to plug a San Jose event possible. The person that wrote the script for this promo must be a complete idiot. Here's the exact wording, you can tell me what you think:

"Lawrence Scott, NBC Bay Area, here at the San Jose Center of the Performing Arts during Broadway San Jose's first ever Season. You know I've heard people in the city say that San Jose is limited in its culture and that it is basically like Fresno with money. Which I think is totally rude, I know plenty of people in Fresno with money. Fore more information... [blah blah]."

UPDATE: This spot was done as a promotion for the NBC Bay Area website and has no affiliation with Broadway San Jose.


  1. I agree! That's a terrible way of attempting to promote the Center of Performing Arts in San Jose. What people hear from that is the negative, that San Jose "is limited in its culture..." and they barely remember what the commercial is even for. It gives the listener a negative feeling. What idiots.

  2. NBC11 acted on their own in the name of Broadway San Jose in an effort to promote their website. In no way do the views and opinions of this ad reflect the views and opinion of Broadway San Jose.

    Ruth Pangilinan
    General Manager
    Broadway San Jose

  3. Well, that sure is one outrageous statement.

    One needs to consider the demographic of Heroes viewers, in particular the healthy section of those who believe the show is based on real events.

    Combine this fact with Mr. Lawrence Scott's extremely lame attempt at being funny and you have a whole section of viewers who believe everything they see and hear on television, in this case remembering such an ignorant and false statement.

    Shame on you (once again) NBC.

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