Monday, June 14, 2010

Baseball San Jose: You're up to bat, San Jose!

Tomorrow we have a chance to help bring pro baseball to San Jose! The Baseball Stadium EIR is on the city council agenda, and the more people that can attend and show their support the better. Shills from the San Francisco Giants will no doubt be on hand to do whatever they can to block the move, so we need all the positive reinforcements we can get! More info below from Baseball San Jose:

Here is an invitation from Michael Mulcahy, Pro Baseball for San Jose Co-Chair, for everyone to attend tomorrow's very important San Jose City Council meeting concerning the ballpark's Environmental Impact Report:

Dear Baseball Supporters: 

Tuesday night, June 15 at 7pm, the San Jose City Council will consider the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Downtown San Jose Ballpark site. This will be another important opportunity for the public to weigh in with its support as we work to bring the A's to San Jose and make the Ballpark a reality while generating the jobs, economic development and tax revenue that our city needs so badly. And let us not overlook the value of community pride, international recognition and identity driven by major league sports. 

We realize this is a busy time of year but please plan to join meand Susan Hammerand many of our supporters in attending the meeting and expressing your support for the EIR and the Ballpark plan. As you may have read in the Mercury News, last month the SF Giants' attorneys, under cover as Stand for San Jose, attempted to derail the Planning Commission's approval of this very same EIR and we expect them to do the same next week. This SF Giant’s backed organization is working hard and relentlessly to deprive our City of charting its own course. It's time now for our group and our broader community to step up and make our voices heard in support of our own future. 

It’s time for the real San Jose to stand for San Jose! 

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday night. Please spread the word to your personal network of San Jose and ballpark supporters that this will be an important evening. We would appreciate knowing if you can attend, so please reply

Michael Mulcahy 
Co-Chair, Pro Baseball for San Jose

Again, the City Council meets:

Tuesday, June 15th @ 7 PM
San Jose City Council Chambers
200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose

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