Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good News for the San Jose A's =)

Joann Freda from San Jose Day-by-Day is the first blogger to break the news... the city council approved the EIR tonight for a pro baseball stadium in downtown San Jose! Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting to show their support.


tuesday, june 15, 2010

The A's May Have Just Moved One Step Closer to San Jose

People leaving the city council meeting tonight

Tonight I attended a city council meeting during which the council voted to certify the environmental impact report concerning a major league baseball stadium in downtown San Jose.  I have been an A's fan for about 28 years, ever since my oldest daughter started earning A's tickets by reading books for the A's reading incentive program.  Tonight the council heard many people speak on concerns about noise, parking, traffic and more.  But the council never lost sight of the immeasurable positive impact a major league baseball team can have on a city.  Go A's! 

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