Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Anti Prop 23 Campaign

I know putting anything political up here is playing with fire; however, Prop 23 is essentially a sham backed by oil companies. It claims to be protecting jobs by repealing laws that will reduce consumption of oil-related products and reduce pollution. There was an anti-Prop 23 rally earlier today at a San Jose Valero station and you can read more details about it below:

A group of local citizens from the Crush Proposition 23 Campaign rallied outside of a San Jose Valero gas station yesterday. The rally was part of a state-wide effort to defeat Proposition 23 - a deceptive ballot initiative funded by Valero and other Texas Oil companies that would effectively abolish California's landmark 2006 global warming law. 

Photo by Ruth Robertson (

Texas oil companies are pledging tens of millions of dollars this fall in an effort to pass Proposition 23 and effectively repeal California's landmark global warming bill (AB 32). If Proposition 23 passes on November 2, it's a serious blow to our ability to take aggressive steps to slow climate change. If Proposition 23 is resoundingly defeated, we can show ourselves and the world that the people of the United States are ready to do what scientists say is necessary to address our global climate crisis. Depending on the outcome of the election this fall, our state will either be the world's leader in the fight against global warming, or it could become the latest casualty in corporate takeover of government.

For more information and to volunteer with the campaign,, stop by the Palo Alto office at 3491 El Camino Real, or email

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