Saturday, October 2, 2010

San Jose Metblogs: Vote for your favorite BRT station design

Personally, I really like the Matrix option. It seems inline with the art style that is helping define San Jose's unique identity. Which one did you vote for and why?

Vote for your favorite BRT station design

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a system where specially designed buses in dedicated lanes enable highly efficient public transit comparable to light rail with much lower construction and vehicle costs. VTA has completed an environmental impact report and begun preliminary engineering to build a BRT system for the Alum Rock-Santa Clara corridor (replacing the current Rapid 522 service). A future project would add BRT service between Eastridge Mall and De Anza College via Stevens Creek Blvd, supplementing the current route 23 local bus.
Now they’re asking for your input on two options for the design of bus stations along this route. The designs and survey are here.
Thanks to Carrie on the NNASJ mail list for pointing out this survey.

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