Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rubio's Contest!

I have started messaging those who I believe to be the winners for the Rubio's contest. Why the ambiguity in that sentence? Unfortunately, due to high volumes of traffic, Twitter imploded right around noon time. It wasn't accurately recording retweeters for a solid half hour! Fortunately, archaic technology saved me... pen & paper. Even though Twitter wasn't recording all of the retweeters, I was able to see the last person that retweeted and wrote down usernames "just in case." In order to prevent technical mishaps in the future, I think we'll do the next contest by singing telegram.

Twitter issues aside, Congratulations to all of the winners! I highly recommend their fish tacos =) I would also like to send out a huge thank you to all participants and to Rubio's for providing the gift certificates!

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