Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Buck Tuesday Today ($2 art!) @ KALEID

TWO BUCK Tuesday November 16th

Another awesome evening of creative speakers, performers, demos, live painting and $2 art!
TWO BUCK Tuesday, November 16th, 7-9pm
FREE and open to the public!

Cardboard Box Theatre Project is a a South Bay theatre company, founded in 2009 by Santa Clara University alumni, dedicated to the creation of new works and the presentation of old works in new ways. The driving force behind our productions is the desire to make theatre more accessible and engaging in all respects. We concern ourselves not only with the material we present and our audiences’ financial access to our productions, but also with the mode of presentation. Instead of creating distance between the world of the audience and the world on stage, we continuously blur such lines and allow the audience to see parts of our process that other companies try to mask.
CBTP will perform Act Like Trees and Leaf - Written and Directed by Maren Lovgren
In true CBTP style, Act Like Trees and Leaf pokes fun at -- and has fun with -- the conventions of theatre as two actors audition for an amazingly unique (and probably unstable) director.

KALEID Gallery artist Josh Marcotte will speak about his current featured exhibition Insomnia. Lost San Jose Nights.

Singer/songwriter, Veronica Malki performs soulful, acoustic music resonating inspiration from nature and traveling. Her timeless style is comprised of Folk, Blues, Flamenco, and World Music qualities.

Musical Saw Workshop by DeatHat musician Kate Saturday - students, bring your saw!
Plus live painting and face painting by Mariya Milovidova

TWO BUCK Tuesday, November 16th, 7-9pm
FREE and open to the public!

KALEID Gallery
88 South 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 947-1785

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