Sunday, December 12, 2010

Downtown Restaurant List Updates

A few notes on changes and improvements that are coming to the Downtown San Jose Restaurant list:
  • Added Pho 69 to the list (opens Dec 18th).
  • Today I found a new restaurant in the downtown core that wasn't on the SJDA's restaurant list! Unfortunately, it was another Subway :P
  • I confirmed that La Nostra Pizzeria & Ristorante did in fact close. I created a new tab on the spreadsheet (you can see these at the very bottom) called "Closed Downtown SJ Restaurants." Anytime we lose one I'll move it to this tab so we have a history of previous restaurants.
  • I created a new column for store hours that I have started filling up. Also any restaurant that is open on Sunday will be highlighted in blue.
To see the spreadsheet, just click here!

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