Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pho 69 Launches Dec 18th in SoFA!

I'm really excited about this place! For the 3 people living in San Jose who have never had Pho, it's essentially Vietnamese street food (or "common people" food). The US analogy would be a hamburger or hotdog. However, it looks like Pho 69 is going to take a traditional Vietnamese staple and modernize the entire experience, much like The Counter does with gourmet hamburgers and sides. It looks very nice inside--and it's a 2 story retail space like Eulipia. I'm very happy with the location as well, right at the entrance of SoFA near original Joe's. 

Looks like their Grand Opening will be Dec. 18th at 2pm. Also, their normal hours will be Mon-Thur 11am-8:30pm and Fri-Sat from 11am to 10pm. It's a shame more restaurants aren't open on Sundays, but hopefully that will change over time.


  1. I was excited about this too when I first heard a pho place was moving into the SoFA district. But after seeing the first banner, and subsequent promo messages, my excitement turned into something else. Pho 69. I'm assuming there aren't 68 others run by the same owners. Maybe someone was born in 1969? Maybe. And then came the "something hot in your mouth" and "something hot coming to your mouth" messages. The pun is pretty obvious. I can't believe it would be an accident. Even though the syntax is jacked up, I get the joke. I'm not sure how I feel about simultaneous oral sex and coming (hot) into my mouth being associated with the food I'm eating. Either it's an ridiculously innocent coincidence or it's a ridiculously misguided immature idea. Luckily for them nobody really pays attention and they probably wouldn't make the connection. I'm not a prude by any means, but who the hell would think this is a good theme for a restaurant?

  2. I think it's a play on random names for Pho restaurants like Beef Noodle #1. It's definitely eye/ear catching ;)

    Say what you will about the name Pho 69, the all time winner for best Pho restaurant name in San Jose is "Pho Kim Long" (say it out loud). And no, that one was definitely not intentional.