Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Yoshi's @ San Jose

[2945536.3.jpg]Yoshi's is a legendary Jazz Club at Oakland's Jack London Square with a secondary location in San Francisco. It brings in top tier Jazz performances in an intimate setting and even has a sushi restaurant as a part of each club. Given we have one of the largest Jazz Festivals in California, I think there is definitely a market for a 3rd Yoshi's location in San Jose.

Right outside Diridon station there are high hopes of building a new entertainment district so that people coming from all over the Bay Area (and even California with High Speed Rail) could have easy access to San Jose entertainment options. A Yoshi's would be perfect either there or in SoFA!


  1. Yoshi's would be a great addition. The food and music there are superior.

  2. It would be fabulous! It should be smack downtown, though, not by Diridon!

    Man, would that be fantastic.