Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Incubator in Town: Semantic Seed

San Jose is one of the must entrepreneurial cities on the planet. We have an amazing ecosystem in place to help budding entrepreneurs shape their ideas, find capital, and launch companies that may one day change the world. Every time a new start-up incubator pops up, it strengthens our innovation/start-up community and helps increase our competitive advantage against other cities vying for the founders of tomorrow's Facebooks and Googles. When entrepreneurs are deciding where to launch their ideas, we want them to be here.

Semantic Seed is a new incubator right in the middle of downtown (12 South 1st, Suite 318) whose mission is to become a catalyst of early stage companies to graduate into venture capital-ready companies. The verticals they focus on are Social Media, Search and Discovery, Consumer Infrastructure, Platforms, and Evangelical. For more information on the incubator side of things, click here.

They also have coworking space available which is a really interesting concept. Professionals and entrepreneurs that typically work from home or coffee shops can instead work in an environment with like-minded individuals. You have the cost benefits of sharing office resources with others while being part of a community where innovation is embedded in the culture and you have startups launching all around you. For more information on coworking, click here.

Thanks to Peter Smith from for the info!


  1. I wish someone would gut that building and convert it to apartments or condos and good retail. It's so junked up.

  2. I'd like to know what start up company's its actually helped out or is working with.

  3. The building in the picture above is not building at santa clara and first streets. It would be nice to see a list of the companies the city's incubator assist.. i would what the success rate of them..

  4. I believe this is the list of companies they are working with:

    * GG Jett
    * Crittercism
    * Ella Ruth
    * Exthusia
    * Fanalyze
    * Ikon Blvd
    * Enzi
    * Green WIFI
    * Blue Monitor
    * Tread Creative

    Hyperlinks at: