Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Future of St. James Park Meeting: Wed 3/23

Francis Enriquez Penrose sent a message to the members of San Jose: Downtown Dwellers

It’s time to talk about “next steps” and other issues at St. James Park! Council member Liccardo and a PRNS representative will be present to hear comments, concerns and suggestions regarding the future of St. James Park. Please spread the word.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 23 @ 7:00pm
WHERE: San Jose Athletic Club, 196 N. 3rd Street
CONTACT: Fred Buzo at 535-4931 or fred.buzo@


  1. This is REALLY important. I find it very odd that the City tore down those buildings without a plan for what would go in that space. Not to mention the fact that the park is almost impossible to enjoy, because you are always out-numbered by homeless people. How nice would it be to hang out there on a sunny day?

    It's just crazy that no one seems to care about this park or understand why it's so important. Super frustrating.

  2. They can improve it all they want, but I am a single woman and won't even walk BY the park because I am really, really tired of getting asked for money every few feet I walk, and stepping around shopping carts loaded down with whoknowswhat. I cannot walk downtown without being asked for money, having some homeless dude on the street staring at me and catcalling or commenting. I have never lived in a place where the urban campers feel so entitled-- not only to sleep wherever they damn well please, but they also feel entitled to shopping carts! Excuse me, but isn't taking a shopping cart called theft?