Sunday, March 20, 2011

San Jose Metblogs: SJ Dishcrawl #3

Dishcrawl San Jose: Exotic San Pedro Square

Want the scoop on next week’s San Jose Dishcrawl?

On March 23rd food lovers will gather once again to roam about downtown tasting food with exotic twists.

For just $26 (or $27 for ‘latebirds’) you will get to try delicious food from:

Tikka Bytes Food Truck – known for their authentic Indian street food dishes like pani purr. – I saw them at Edgewood Eats the other day but only glanced at their menu since I knew they’d be at Dishcrawl. I can’t wait to try their food, it looked and smelled so good.
Tikka Bytes Web // Facebook // @TikkaBytesTruck

Satori Tea – Who knew there was a tea bar in San Pedro square? It is totally hidden. Looking forward to trying something new. I’m not a big tea drinker but that’s only because I don’t know what I’d like! Anyone else feel the same way? This is yet another great reason for an event like Dishcrawl.
Satori Tea: Web // Facebook // @SatoriTea

And now announcing two other stops!

Morocco’s Restaurant – fresh culinary delights of Moroccan cuisine.
Morocco’s Restataurant: Web // Facebook // @Moroccos – Gourmet marshmallows! They come in six flavors: Strawberry Raspberry, Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Chocolate. I’m crossing my fingers that we get to try the pineapple one. Someone from LP will be handing out fluffy delicious marshmallows to the Dishcrawl crowd.
LilPuffs: Web // Facebook // @Lil_Puffs

If you were at one of the previous Dishcrawls the crowd started at one of location. Food and/or drinks are served as the crowd mingles with each other. The owners of the establishment (or chefs) talk to the crowd about the culture of the food. It’s a really great experience for people who want to learn just a little bit more about different cuisines (or uniquely crafted food.) After the first location, it’s time to move on to the next!

There’s a twist to next week’s Dishcrawl that will change it up a bit.
“We’re making one big change this month.” says Dishcrawl Founder Tracy Lee. “Our last two Dishcrawls have been massive, but this time Dishcrawlers can expect more intimate groups for a more relaxed time. Besides that, folks can expect just as great of a time and the same fabulous food experience!”
So there you go San Jose – what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets now before it’s too late!

What: Dishcrawl San Jose: Discovering San Pedro Square’s Exotic Food Side
When: March 23rd, 7pm-9:45pm
Where: Misc locations, San Pedro Square area

Dishcrawl: Web // Facebook // @Dishcrawl // Tickets

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