Sunday, April 10, 2011

PhotoSeries 0: Speed Art Crawl

Nothing like a night in Downtown San Jose. Josh and I went for the First Friday Art Crawl and in record time too.

I hadn’t been to one before so I brought along my camera to catch some of the crazyiness. Starting with a great view and dinner from the Knight Ridder building.
We caught a petty cab from KALIED all the way down to the SLG Gallery. Now, let me tell you a petty cab is the way to go. It’s like a mini-adventure. Here we are speeding down the street.
Mike White, show below, the author of Amity Blamity was at SLG working away. He was giving out personal sketches and papercrafts. Had a quick chat with him and it turns out he was heading up to WonderCon on Saturday too.
On our way out, Josh bumped into fans of the blog, Vanessa and Jared. Maybe we should have tweeted about each place we were heading to so we could meet up with more people. A tweet mob.
After hitting up a few more places we discovered…a KOALA~! Well it’s more of a koala butt, but you get the picture. [ah, see what I did there? ;) ]
It was great night for a speed art crawl. It’s wonderful being able to see a diverse amount of art mediums. Now some of you are probably wondering, where are the photos of the art?! 3 parts to that. A. I wasn’t sure some of the artist would like me taking photos of their work. B. The studios might not like it. C. It’s FREAKING Art Crawl! You need to get out there connect, talk, hear and see the art and people (I left off taste, unless you want to lick the art which is probably a no-no). So show your support for these local artists.

On our way back to the car I noticed these strange alien mushroom plants. Such a nice color. For the rest of our Art Crawl photos you can check them out @ here on Facebook.
Now others of you might also be wondering, who’s entry is this? Well, it is I Alvin. I’m a photographer from, you can check us out on too. One night after dinner Josh and I both talked about wanting to do a series of documentary street photos about San Jose and so we finally got together for first the series, South First Friday Art Crawl. You’ll eventually start to see more sets on the site from us. Let us know what you think!

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