Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Santa Clara County Poet Laureate: Sally Ashton

I've been meaning to post about this for several weeks now, but am a little bit behind (okay a lot behind) with my planned posts. :/

Since April 1st, Sally Ashton has been our Poet Laureate. This is a role I didn't even know existed until a reader submitted the link I'm about to share, but it's an interesting role indeed. Sally's lob is to elevate the awareness for poetry in Santa Clara County; advocate for poetry, literature, and arts; make poetry more accessible; and contribute to Santa Clara County's poetry and literary legacy. Sally also teaches at San Jose State University and have a phenomenal blog.

Click here for the NBC story about our Poet Laureate.
Click here for Sally's blog featuring the favorite poems of Santa Clara County residents.

View more videos at:


  1. Something I didn't know. I'll pass this post on to our employees and guests here at the Homewood Suites. Visit our blog at

  2. We should help all poets realize their dream. If they dream of flight then take them to an airport and let them dream.