Tuesday, June 28, 2011

San Pedro Square Market has an Official Launch Date: September 10!

The market is opening just in time to catch some warm summer weather! September 10 is the official date, although there will be soft openings for several vendors before then. I also wouldn't be surprised if there is an epic SJ Eats event to coincide with the opening.

Also, check out this great blog post about the market at the Silicon Valley Lofts & Condo's blog right over here.

CORRECTION: This is not the official launch, but a sneak preview!


  1. SJEats is now MVBLfeast. Use www.facebook.com/MVBLfeast now because updates will be on that facebook page.

  2. Josh this is not the official launch date this is simply a sneak preview. You are correct that we are doing a massive fashion show along with Moveable Feast and hopeful SJ Made, but the Market will not be 100 % open. This will just be a great way for people to meet the tenants who have completed construction and get a snap shot of the potential the Market has to offer.

  3. Sorry about that, duly noted! At least it will be the grand opening for a few vendors no? ;)

  4. no artisan coffee. no artisan chocolates. :(

  5. Sure hope this thing is done right. Seems very iffy...

  6. Drove by it today, cant believe it actually is taking this long to open. How many delays has it had already?! I know its premature but I am not getting that Pikes Place, Ferry Building feel like they are trying to be.

  7. You're going to need a little bit of patience, what until Sep 10th to judge =)

  8. We will have coffee, we are in negotiations with them now.

    The delays have been a tremendous setback for us as well as our customers and tenants. We are working very hard with the City and County to help us open as soon as possible.

    The 9.10.11 event will be a fashion show with one of our newest tenants, and will give those who come, a wonderful view of what is to come when the San Pedro Square Market has its Grand Opening.

    As far as the ferry building & Pikes Place Markets. These are simply examples of Public Markets we use so people have some idea what our project will be, so many people still think we are simply moving the Friday Farmers Market into the project, which we are not. And, we are not copying Ferry Building & Pike's, rather taking what works from successful Public Markets and tailoring it to be more San Jose centric.

    We appreciate all of your feedback and we will be working very hard to meet your expectations, bear with us, the end is near.

    Finally Eli look for our posts in the coming weeks once our iconic sign has been installed.

    Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.