Friday, June 3, 2011

SubZERO / South First Friday Overview

Okay, I lied... one more plug:

South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk + SubZERO Festival June 3rd!
This month's First Friday's art walk is also the 4th Annual SubZERO Festival!

Sean Sczepanik
Steven Sczepanik
Start off the art walk by parking at South Fourth & San Fernando garage and check out KALEID Gallery's feature exhibit (located on ground level of the garage). Sean & Steven have put together an amazing show not to be missed!

Layers of Age in Monster Land
New installation and paintings by Sean Sczepanik & Steven Sczepanik. An exploration of monsters and cartoons from the imagination, referencing mainly Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, Fright Night, and Hellraiser. Also on view is a display of hands representing fellow artists. Each hand containing a characteristic of each artists’ style.
Artists' Reception: Friday June 3, 7-10pm, free & open to the public
part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS monthly art walk
Feature exhibition on view through June 25, 2011
KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street
San Jose, CA / 408-947-1785
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Friday, Noon - 7pm
Saturday, Noon - 5pm

Then take a short stroll to 2 new Phantom Galleries exhibitions!!

66 South First St.: Defragmentation 66 by Michele Guieu
Defragmentation 66 is an adaptation of the last installation I’ve made in San Diego: Defragmentation: Rearranging Bits and Pieces of Memory. It is an ongoing project and the occasion to reflect on bits and pieces of my memories, as I am recalling/documenting them. The project originated when I was about to leave San Diego after living there for 6 years. I thought about the different times I’ve left a place in my life. Defragmentation 66 is the first installation I am showing in San Jose since I’ve moved and it represents a link between the two towns – and beyond. The installation is on a smaller scale but uses some essential elements featured in the first version of the show: an ensemble of paintings, a painted background and videos. The videos in Defragmentation 66 are new memories and were taken here, in the bay area. The address number where the show is held, 66, is an interesting symbol in my life: the first time I came to the US, that’s the road I travelled on.
Exhibit on view through August 30th. Visible 24/7 from the sidewalk.

95 South Market St.: Roundels sculptures by Gianfranco Paolozzi

"I was looking in the recycle container full of paper from flexo printing presses.
That’s when I felt the passion again: round surfaces screaming to be used. I looked at them changing on the floor of my studio. I had to use my marks, my moments on the surfaces as a sign of me being there.
That’s when the roundels were born." ~Gianfranco
Exhibit on view through August 30th. Visible 24/7 from the sidewalk.

Then make your way over to the SoFA District for the monthly art walk and 4th Annual SubZERO Subculture Festival!

South FIRST FRIDAYS presents the 4th Annual SubZERO Festival
Focused on emerging and present subcultures thriving in our region, SubZERO is a diy, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek. Come downtown on June 3rd to San Jose's SoFA District from 6pm 'til midnight for an inspired evening of arts & culture. In addition to the South FIRST FRIDAYS monthly art walk you'll find outdoor stages of entertainment plus artists, performers & musicians celebrating the indie creative spirit!

FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2011 from 6pm-midnight
SoFA district in downtown San Jose
(on South First Street between San Carlos & Reed Streets)

For full information on all the South FIRST FRIDAYS art venues' exhibitions, please visit


  1. Just wanted to share that I finally made it to a SubZero yesterday and had an excellent time. Just all around a well-executed, interesting, and unique street festival.

  2. Totally agree. It was excellent! They should do this more than once a year.

  3. All in all a great night (and the rain didn't start until midnight, perfect timing). My only regret is that so much was going on at the same time I didn't get to see all of the performances I wanted to!

    Next year instead of SubZERO it will be a ZeroONE, which will last 2 full days and have some exhibits stay open for up to a month!

  4. Glad you all made it out, thank you! SubZERO will return next year- it'll be the 5th Annual and held on First Friday June 1, 2012.

    ZeroOne is a different festival all together.


  5. That's even better news, both SubZERO and ZER01 next year!