Friday, August 5, 2011

South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk Aug. 5th!

from Phantom Galleries 
Join us this Friday, August 5th for the South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk + STREET MRKT in downtown San Jose!
7pm-11pm, free and open to the public.

KALEID Gallery
88 So. 4th St.
Two new exhibitions by featured artists Jonathan Perea and Michelle Waters.

Convergence by Jonathan Perea
Subatomic abstract realism: A worldwide acceleration where science and spirituality dances to the tune of the cosmos. The illusion of duality unveiled a new beginning.

Musings from the Wasteland by Michelle Waters
The paintings in this series are influenced by the nightmarish imagery of Hieronymus Bosch, Edward Abbey’s writings and my work as a wildlife rehabilitator and environmental activist. My art deconstructs the assumption of human superiority by showing what might transpire if animals took control over the fate of the planet. Animals demolishing the Glen Canyon Dam and wildlife laying waste to a bulldozer are some of the characters who populate my paintings.

Caffe Frascati
(formerly Caffe Trieste)
315 So. 1st St.

Cheating Time: Constructing a Praxis of Juncture by Trina Merry
Through bodypaint, Merry has taken classical high art themes, such as the Four Seasons, and high art forms, such as ballet, to examine this concept of process, connection and living in season. Performance artists, such as dancers with fabric, are caught in the moment of leaps & turns frozen by photography. One of the featured bodypaintings of the exhibit based on Picasso’s “Guernica”, is set on a purposefully posed human canvas, yet full of imagery of an existential moment- the horror & anguish experienced by the victims of war.
“I feel like CaffĂ© Trieste is the correct venue to explore these high art subjects as it has been a proud supporter of San Jose artists as a venue for music, poetry, & art exhibits.
This exhibit explores two important photographer relationships I have with Martin Delfino & Rafael Hernandez. Both are immigrants with a wonderful love of avante garde art who have been instrumental in my growth as an artist.”

Good Karma Vegan Cafe
37 So. 1st St.

Dreams by Valerie Runningwolf
What are dreams? Where do they come from? Some believe they may come from a collective consciousness, others believe they are messages from the spirit world, or maybe self generated from our minds.
A collection of dreams brought to life by mixed-media artist Valerie Runningwolf can be seen at Good Karma in August. Please join us during the First Friday art walk to share your dreams in a collaborative art piece.

321 So. 1st St.

Collection of Light A new series by LAuruS Myth
LAuruS Myth work is based on patterns found in nature that have lead to patterns used in modern technology. Not only do these symbols relate to each other visually, but they also function as patterns that guide flows of energy throughout machines and plant life. Connecting and converting this energy into the power that lies within human life and purpose, fuels her motives and creative inspiration. Her hope is to capture the essence of vibration through the repetition of organic and geometric shapes.

On South First Street between San Carlos & San Salvador streets
7-11pm, FREE

Ai & Ai, Al Preciado, Andre Hart, Sandi Billingsley, Boombotix, Bugs & Monsters, Chicanoart.Friscostyle, Crossroads Trading Co., David Mejia, DonBon, EAZ & Sugar Skulls by Jodi, Emily Bones, Empire Seven Studios, Emo Gonzales, Force 129, Francisco Franco, Gianfranco Paolozzi, Haley Goodlett, Ike Greca, iMiNUSD Track Boutique, Ivan Gonzales, Josh Marcotte & Kerfufle, Keith Bunnel, Korrupt Clothing Label, Linda Ritter, Lost Village, Luna Park Chalk Fest, Mayberry Workshop, Michael Foley, Mike Borja, Out of Print Vintage, The Rabbit Hole, Rock ‘n the Trend, Shannon Amidon, Shayne Herrera, TeaShack, TechShop San Jose, The Usuals, Valentina Vintage, Waitman Gobble, Zine Party by Yumi

Please note: these times are tentative and may change. Please check back.
7:15-8:00 PM Orangutang
8:10-8:30 PM Corrupt Autopilot
8:50-9:35 PM Whiskerman
10:00-11:00 PM Ben Henderson & Friends
with STREET MRKT’s Emcee “Mighty” Mike McGee
ArtCar Fest 15th Anniversary Showcase
featuring 30 mobile, street legal sculptures from around the bay area

For full exhibition schedule of all 20 participating art venues, please visit;
or join us on Facebook here!

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