Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 2011 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:

  • Groundwerx is continuing to do a great job helping to keep Downtown clean and beautify the most trafficked zones.
  • In 3 and a half months, 360 Residences has rented almost half of its units. They may be able to fill the tower as soon as November, which would be a huge boon for SoFA. As for the other residential high-rises:
    • City Hights: 85% sold
    • The 88: 70% sold
    • Axis: 55% sold
  • The San Pedro Square Market is having their grand opening on Oct. 22nd.  On Sep 17-18 you will be able to get a preview along with SJ Made and SJ Eats.
  • Camera 3 will be hosting video feeds of the world's best operas and ballets.
  • The Historic District will be plugging some major retail gaps very soon. Have a look at this:
    • Zanotto's Express will be opening soon, offering grab-and-go items (which will no doubt be popular with Downtown residents) at 80 S. First.
    • Le Duyen Healthy Spa is coming to 74 S. First St.
    • Original Gravity Public House, a beer and sausage restaurant is coming to 66 S. First St.
    • Cabritos Mexican Bistro is coming to 72 S. First 
  • La Lune Sucree is now open in the former A Taste of Paris location (I've already been here twice, it's amazing... well worth a trip)
  • Downtown streets are becoming safer thanks to a "Stay Away" program that prevents people arrested for drug violations from stepping foot back in certain zones (such as St. James Park). So far the program has been successful and may be expanded to more zones Downtown.
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  1. Do you happen to know why Santa Clara between Market and City Hall has never been spruced up? First Street looks great with planters and lights and flowers, but SC which is heavily trafficked looks dumpy and run down.

  2. Any thoughts about why Axis is only at 50%? Seems way nicer than City Heights.

  3. City heights has fewer units, is much less expensive, and has been available longer.

  4. Axis has 330 units, while City Heights and The 88 have around 100 each. Though the overall percentage is lower, Axis has sold more units.

  5. Wrong. The 88 has 197 units.