Monday, October 10, 2011

SJC Passengers & Flights Trending Up

Over the past year passenger volume has risen 2.5%, finally reversing a 3 year decline in passenger numbers. Also the number of daily flights is up 3% over the past 12 months. In fact, during Q2 of this year 35 weekly flights were added. The airport has also cut $54M in expenses that were projected in the 2007 plan. You can read more about this right over here.

Also related to the airport, a South Bay consortium is trying to promote a deeper relationship between Chinese tech companies and Silicon Valley. As part of this goal, they are seriously attempting to establish direct flights between San Jose and China. More info over here.

Good news all around, I hope these trends continue!


  1. Very awesome. Maybe I won't have to go all the way to SFO for my flights anymore.

  2. Also, the City of San Jose is hosting a presentation by Air Nippon in the City Hall Dome this month, hoping to show the benefits of direct flights to SJC instead on SFO. That would be awesome!!

  3. I remember taking the old Tokyo flight, would be amazing to get it back!

  4. Is there a reason why there's no direct public transportation access to the airport from downtown San Jose? It always involves taking a bus (with a possible 30 minute wait) and another form of public transportation. I'm surprised Light Rail hasn't been extended to SJC.

    Even as a downtown resident, this lack of direct and efficient access always makes SFO or OAK an option for me.

  5. No reason except for current lack of budget. Part of Measure A funds are supposed to be used to build a people mover that will connect SJC to BOTH Light Rail on 1st Street and Caltrain (and eventually BART) across the street from SCU in Santa Clara.

    Can learn more here: