Friday, October 7, 2011

South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk Oct. 7th!

Join us this Friday, October 7th for the downtown art walk! All venues are open 7-11pm and are free and open to the public!

Phantom Galleries and KALEID Gallery has great exhibits on view for the art walk!

NextSpace Coworking + Innovation San Jose, 97 S. 2nd St, Suite 100

Correspondences and Elevation, Michele Guieu
NextSpace San Jose is pleased to feature the work of Phantom Galleries artists Michele Guieu with her installation Correspondences and ElevationThe Strip; Encaustic images by Katie Guiterrez; and Jeanne Yee’s intricate collage works.
Join us for the First Friday art walk and meet the artists, see what’s happening at NextSpace San Jose and enjoy Hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and the sweet sounds of El Jefe.

Good Karma Vegan Café, 37 South First St

The Peculiar Pageant new paintings and installation by Lacey Bryant
Theatrically posed and surrounded by lush, illusory environments, the subjects of Lacey’s newest works are like pictures in a storybook written in an unknown language. The images are somewhat familiar but certain elements remains foreign. Like a hazy dream of an imagined childhood long forgotten, the images strive to make you feel as if you just might have been there once, maybe. As is common in Bryant’s work, there is a subtle tension between beautiful and unsettling elements. This contrast creates a sense of mystery and invites the viewer to construct their own interpretation of the scenes. In the safety of a world poised between reality and imagination where common symbols mingle with strange ones, her characters expose their fears, doubts, despairs and longings.

95 South Market St (at San Fernando)

Folie à Deux Family Tree Monotypes and Glass Statues by Curt Schauer

KALEID Gallery, 88 South Fourth St.

Fictitious Portraits by John Renzel
A series of traditional style character portraits but with a colorful and slightly demented edge.

Rights–Rituals–Regards new work by Troy Sims
Why do I form judgments of others to validate myself? In this series of mixed media paintings, and sculptures constructed of handmade paper and wire, artist Troy Sims touches on personal issues such as: civil rights, honoring our ancestors, and how we perceive beauty.
This body of work explores the subjective world we live in, and the sea of opinions we deal with on a daily basis.

Other highlights include BLOODWORK: BODIES at Anno Domini, Naked! at Higher Fire Clayspace, Adam Everett Quartet for San Jose Jazz and Movin’ on Up! the 2011 members’ exhibition at WORKS.
For full exhibition info on all 19 venues, please visit
All venues are free and open til 11pm!

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