Thursday, October 6, 2011

Canvas Ghost Fall Exhbition _ Beyond the Comic Strip

from Phantom Galleries 

Comics bring a sense of adventure, a sense of escape.  They are larger than life and far more exciting that the existence we endure.  Come experience the excitement, adventure, escape.

Exhibition Dates:
October 8th 7–10pm
October 9th 12–5pm

Particiapting Artists:
Anthony Barbaria, Christine Benjamin, David Hartman, David Mejia, Denny North, Diana Hartman, Eddie, Gianfranco, Glenn Domingo, Gonzalo Luna, Jared Konopitski, Jaya King, John Cloud, J.B. Kelly, Kathy Blackburn, katrina marie loera, Kimy Martinez, Omar Barba, Lacey Bryant, Laura Callin Bennett, Matthew Bailey Seigel, Michael Foley, Rajiv Nair, Sonja Caldwell, Tommy Demeuth, Deborah Barba

Gianfranco and Friends
Chi + the Cool Cats Cellie
Nagual Trio

The Canvas Ghost Gallery
992 S. 8th Street
San Jose, California

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