Sunday, December 11, 2011

49ers Line up $850M Stadium Loan

I know it's not San Jose, but it's Sunday and I have to mention the fact that the 49ers have lined up the $850M of financing for the new stadium. This pretty much seals the deal and guarantees the Niners are coming to Silicon Valley.

San Jose will be a tremendous beneficiary as we'll receive yet another professional sports team in the San Jose Metropolitan Area (maybe two). I'm dreaming of a 2015 scenario where Silicon Valley hosts the Sharks, Earthquakes, 49ers, Raiders, A's, and maybe even a pro Basketball team. People would laugh at the thought 10 years ago, but now it may actually happen.

For more information on the 49er loan, click here.


  1. Welcome with open arms! And wallets. I'll be buying tickets!

  2. I don't care where an NFL game is played. I'll be watching at home on Hi-Def with slo-mo replays and cheap beer.