Monday, April 2, 2012

Apple May Come to San Jose!

This is not an April fool's joke, although this just so happens to be the exact same parcel between Bay 101 and M8trix that was mentioned yesterday. Now that Apple has bought out or leased all available space in Cupertino and most of the remaining space in Sunnyvale, they are looking at North San Jose for expansion possibilities. This space could support at least one million square feet of office space. The owner, Peery-Arrillaga, is supposedly working with Apple on a build-to-suit development on this very site. It looks like the city's new strategy of cutting fees and reducing development barriers is already paying dividends!

Source: SJBJ

Apple, Peery Arrillaga


  1. It's about time! Hopefully this can pan out like is being described.

    There is also a huge piece of vacant land a little further north (along North 1st street) next to EBay. I cannot believe that isn't being considered either.

  2. For the record, would love to see Apple set up shop at this location. That being said, I'd wish someone would look to downtown San Jose for "space." I'd love to see a big tech company settle in at the proposed Boston Properties site on Almaden. Apple, Oracle, HP, Nvidia...anyone?

  3. Downtown? Our city leadership doesn't even live downtown. I do. I've never once seen the mayor out for a drink, dinner or a show. It's mind boggling really. We're is this dude? They just don't get it.

    1. At least I've seen Sam Liccardo out quite a bit Downtown.

    2. Piereluigi as well, and this isn't even his district.