Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breaking News: The Bellagio is Coming to San Jose!

MGM Resorts International have announced plans to build a Bellagio-like card room in the vacant space between Bay 101 (red area below) and the brand new M8trix Casino (blue area). If approved, the $350-400M project will include a 35-floor hotel tower with over 500 rooms, several new restaurants, and a theater for entertainment acts. Could this be the start of a mini-Vegas in San Jose?

Source: Press Release


  1. OMG I cannot wait.

    Please tell us more o great April fooler :)

  2. Damn Josh! You got me! On the other hand, an Apple campus would go nicely where "our Bellagio" would be located ;)

  3. Ok - I was ready to move the BLEEP out of town! Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. I actually fell for it...and was thrilled to find out it wasn't true!!!