Thursday, November 29, 2012

Madewell Coming to Santana Row

First off, I have to say the people decorating Santana Row really outdid themselves this holiday season, including the residents that have decorated their balconies. It looks incredible... even better than previous years. Every inch is lit up.

Now for the updates, Madewell is moving into a 3,500 sqft section of what was the old H&M. The company is a fashion forward American brand for women and will be the first store in the South Bay.

Next to Madewell will be a 2,000 sqft boutique for Splendid, another clothing store except this one is for the whole family. This will also be the very first one in the South Bay.

A couple existing stores are planning to renovate for 2013. Gucci is completely redoing the interior and and the facade outside. Tommy Bahama is doing a full renovation as well.

Lastly, Veggie Grill and Lavazza are now open. I have not tried Veggie Grill yet, but I did get to sample tons of food and coffee at Lavazza and have to say the quality is very high. I especially liked their espresso "desserts" including one with gratuitous amounts of nutella. I know we all like our indie coffee shops, but this one is worth checking out as it has many items you can't find anywhere else.

Santana Row Announces New Retailers, Renovations and the Grand Opening of Two Restaurants
Celebrating a Decade in Silicon Valley, the Premier Shopping and Dining Destination Continues to Draw Visitors with its Fresh Mix of Shops and Eateries
San Jose, CA (Nov. 15, 2012) – Ten years after opening Silicon Valley’s most exciting lifestyle destination, Santana Row continues to evolve with a lineup of unique retailers and restaurants that entice visitors to shop and dine. The stores and eateries represent new concepts in the Bay Area, some choosing to make their first foray into Northern California at Santana Row.
Madewell, an iconic American retailer as well as a brand coveted by fashion conscious women and men, is scheduled to open in Spring, 2013. The 3,500 square-foot shop will occupy a portion of the space that was the former H&M store before its recent move to a larger building. Madewell, established in 1937 as a dry goods emporium, will offer a wide range of effortlessly cool pieces. Chic yet comfy apparel includes soft chambray shirts, broken-in tees, leather boots, accessories and bags. Madewell’s denim bar serves a menu of current styles, from skinny to bootcut, boyfriend to capri.
Splendid, another label noted for its informal stylishness, is slated to open a 2,000 square-foot boutique next to Madewell in late spring. Known for its luxuriously soft tops and T-shirts, the offerings for men, women and children are a perfect fit for Silicon Valley: richly casual.
On the restaurant scene, the recently opened Lavazza Espression serves specialty Italian coffee drinks, freshly baked goods and savory Panini sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and salads. The cafe opened on Oct. 30 on the first floor of 300 Santana Row. It is the first location on the West Coast.
Veggie Grill, the popular fast-casual restaurant with a menu of delicious vegetarian choices opened on Nov. 8 at 3055 Olin Ave. Signature items include the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich, All Hail Kale Salad and Sweetheart Fries. This is Veggie Grill’s first Northern California location.
“Splendid and Madewell represent the new generation at Santana Row,” said Jeff Kreshek, vice president of West Coast leasing for Federal Realty. “As an A-level property we are able to provide a destination that is an escape into the extraordinary. Santana Row is known for its diverse offerings both in shopping and dining. We are able to maintain our relevance by evolving with cutting edge tenants who provide the experience of a surprise around every corner.”
Madewell, Splendid, Lavazza Espression and Veggie Grill join Icebreaker Touchlab, Drybar, kate spade new york and H&M’s 26,000 square foot expansion and relocation as recent additions to the exciting lineup at Santana Row. The destination center strives to give customers a tempting mix of unique stores and restaurants.
Renovations on the horizon
Gucci, the luxury brand which recently marked a decade at Santana Row, will undergo a complete interior remodel along with fa├žade enhancement beginning in the summer 2013. The work will be completed in time for the 2013 holiday season.
Also undergoing a renovation next year is Tommy Bahama, purveyor of island lifestyles and maker of clothing and accessories that reflect island ambiance.
“We are thrilled to see the long term commitment to and reinvestment in Santana Row by Gucci, Tommy Bahama and H&M,” said Jan Sweetnam, Vice President and West Coast Chief Operating Officer, Federal Realty Investment Trust. “This customer focus, along with the addition of new exciting merchants, keeps Santana Row fresh and is an important part of how we serve the community.”


  1. really a suburban mall that requires a car to get to it. is anything new or of interest happening in the core of the tenth largest city in america?

    1. Agreed!

    2. There is no such thing as a mall with integrated housing, corporate offices, a hotel, etc. It's an urban village and the fact that you need a car to get there does not make it a mall.

    3. Josh. Santana Row is an outdoor mall that happens to include offices, apartments, and a hotel. It's a mall, not an "urban village". That's an oxymoron anyway.

    4. Dude, look up the definition of what a mall is or have a look at the wiki:

      People don't live in a mall, they don't go to work at corporate offices in a mall, and they don't rent hotel rooms in a mall. Minus access to transit, Santana Row is as close to the perfect model of an urban village possible. Every urban developer in the country building mixed use projects is trying to replicate the success of Santana Row.

  2. Brian, Santana Row is in San Jose. This blog is about San Jose, so this information is pertinent and useful. I know many vegetarian workers in downtown who are excited after reading about the Veggie Grill. It's nice to know more about these stores.

    San Jose is a BIG place. To have many destinations to congregate is GOOD thing. Our downtown core has been having a lot of work and effort done to it, and it's great, and we should continue to support having a strong healthy core.

    But let's not dismiss success stories such as Santana Row, Willow Glen, or Japantown. Though they are not in the core, they are still very much San Jose's. Be thankful that Santana Row was built inside San Jose's border instead of Santa Clara's ;) All the out-of-towners I took to Santana Row has nothing but compliments. And my relatives from Paris who visited us 3 months ago absolutely loved it!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if Santana Row were located in downtown instead of Stevens Creek Bl.? Downtown would've been the real deal if that were the case. Such a screw up on former Mayer Susan Hammer part.

    2. Totally agree with you there.

      I don't remember the specific reasons as to why Santana Row did not locate downtown? Josh or Mark? Anyone who knows can you enlighten us?

    3. I can't find the interview anymore, but they actually did look at Downtown (which would make it more similar to the San Antonio Riverwalk development Federal Realty worked on) but there was some complication that prevented them from building there. I think it was a challenge with getting the entitlements for enough space, but could be wrong.

    4. That's a shame then. We could have Santana Row built out n both sides of one section of the Guadalupe, and have bridges in between the sides. The park in the middle of the current Santana Row could be split and put on the green areas of Guadalupe River Park.

      And we will still keep the biking/walking trails. Imagine that...would be so nice.

      It just makes me sad how none of the previous administration could have made this happen. The Transit Mall was a good initiative but it lacked parking infrastructure, designer green areas, and designer/luxurious details. Santana Row built out on the Guadalupe River would have been a fantastic site...

      We need leaders in the top positions of our city's government that cares about our city and not about their own factions (labors, developments, etc).

      Hamann was the last visionary one we've had. We need another just like him, with a more urban bent.

  3. Sure does look like a mall.

    1. Well, I don't know what to tell you except that you are incorrect.

  4. I am so excited for Splendid! I've loved that brand for quite sometime. I LOVE Santana Row!! Definitely a nice escape from real life.