Monday, February 11, 2013

Virgin America Coming to San Jose!

You have probably heard it by now, but Virgin will by flying out of SJC starting May 1st. This is a huge win for San Jose, especially after the unfortunate grounding of ANA's Tokyo flight thanks to a poor battery design in the Boeing 787.

Virgin is one of, if not the hottest airline in the US right now. Prices are similar to Southwest, yet the experience blows away just about every other national airline. I also have to toss in that Virgin America branding and design feels very "Silicon Valleyish."

They are only starting off with four daily flights to LAX, but if those do well they will expand their presence in San Jose and offer long-haul routes as well. The flights leave SJC at 6:35am, 8:55am, 2:50pm, and 6:50pm. Oh, and the best part... they start at $49 each way.

Not enough airline news for the day? Delta has decided to add four daily flights of its own to LAX. Unlike Virgin, these will be serviced by a regional jet instead of a large plane.

Source: SVBJ here, here, and here

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