Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Market Beer Co. Now Running at Full Steam!

From: SPSM Blog

describe the imageSan Pedro Square Market Vendor Spotlight: Feelin' thirsty? Check out the newly opened Market Brew Co.
With more than 200 craft beers, the Market Beer Co. is the newest addition to the San Pedro Square Market.  The brews come in 22-oz. bottles, otherwise known as bombers, and shortly many will be available on tap.  Stop by and grab a beer with Jake and the rest of his knowledgeable staff. 
Connect: Facebook /MarketBeerCo

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  1. Suggestion for the blog: Perhaps you can also cover landmark events where San Jose is one of a select group of major venues nationwide. Case in point last night's Rolling Stones concert. The atmosphere was phenomenal!! As a side note, the California Theater could be such a great concert venue - any signs of this happening?