Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Stats: San Jose Ranks as the #2 Clean Tech City in the US

Clean Edge has put out a report that looks at clean tech leadership and has ranked all of the metros in the US. Not surprisingly, five of the top 10 were in California. What did surprise me is that San Francisco (which includes San Mateo and Oakland) outranked the San Jose metro. I really have to question this considering the tremendous concentration of clean/green-tech companies in the South Bay. However, #2 among all US Metros is nothing to be disappointed about, especially considering that the next metro on the list was not even close to San Jose.

Source: Silicon Beat

2013 Metro Index

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  1. Hmm strange. But then again San Mateo county does have a lot of tech companies and same goes a few more areas in the rest of the metro area such as Emryville. I wonder what measure they used to rank the cities and whether it was absolute or relative data But I'm glad at least the Bay Area still dominated the list, though it's nice when studies explain their methodologies.