Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Eateries Coming to Valley Fair

Here is a quick update on the new places to eat at Valley Fair that should be opening soon (thanks to an anonymous poster):

  • Dining Terrace Eateries
    • Super Duper Burger
    • Chipotle (Replacing Rubios)
    • Youji
    • Old Port Lobster Shack 
  • Other Eateries Opening in Valley Fair
    • Coffee Bean
    • Pompolo Restaraunt & Lounge
    • Bar Code Cafe

Source: Anonymous on Older Blog Post

An artist's rendering of what the new dining terrace at Westfield Valley Fair will look like.


  1. Haha thanks for posting the info I provided Josh. You might enjoy this. Saw this sign in front of Valley Fair. They are not wasting any time in getting rid of any obstacles of their future expansion. Here is the development proposal sign for demolition of the parking garages:

    1. That's good news! First I've heard about solar panels as well. They would be crazy not to expand now with the way the economy is going.

  2. Not at Valley Fair, but Fatburger is opening this fall at the corner of King/Mabury.


  4. Old Port Lobster Shack! Sweet! Won't have to drive all the way to Redwood City now!

  5. They're making a Chipotle at Oakridge to replace the Rubio's