Monday, August 5, 2013

One South Update!

One of our readers sent in the below photo and information, showing the excavation for Downtown's One South hi-rise. The really interesting part is that there is now an archaeological component to the project! Read below for the details, and thanks so much Jordan for sending this in!

"A coworker sent me this picture. From her office, she is able to see into the construction site. Apparently, the construction site has partially become an archaeological dig! According to a reference, that area was the original market that gave Market Street it's name - so it's probably a basement or some interesting foundation of the forgotten market.

You can see workers carefully sifting through dirt on the right hand side of the picture. Hopefully, it's all something that can be photo documented. Any discovery of human bones can possibly delay the project for a bit. Otherwise, the rest of the site is still pushing forward in construction!"

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