Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gray Matter Analytics Comes to San Jose

Yet another company is branching out to Downtown San Jose. Gray Matter is a data analytics consulting firm based in Chicago. They are hoping to have about 50 employees Downtown by 2015. No exact address has been determined yet, but I'm sure we will be getting that information in the not-too-distant future.


Gray Matter Analytics Breaks onto Tech Scene with Analytical Predictive Modeling Services
Big Data Company Offers Healthcare and Financial Institutions Opportunity to Gain a New and Distinct Edge Over Competitors

CHICAGO, IL – Gray Matters Analytics, a recently launched consulting firm with offices in Chicago and San Jose, offers data analytics and predictive modeling consulting services for healthcare and financial institutions. Founded by Shelia Talton in 2013 Gray Matter Analytics offers a unique product neutral service focused on business value that helps clients increase productivity, efficiency and revenue growth.

“Analysis shows aggressive growth projections for data analytics, predicative modeling and cloud computing,” said Shelia Talton, CEO of Gray Matter Analytics. “Our strategy is to empower enterprise customers in healthcare and financial services for success by helping them gain insight into their data as well as the industry and public data they need to aggregate in order to make informed business decisions.”

New advances in technology are allowing a simplified yet innovative approach to data analysis and predictive modeling services. Gray Matter Analytics enables clients to ask questions about their data, understand what the data is telling them, and uncover the quick wins that can help identify their return on investment in the implementation of comprehensive data architecture. These capabilities allow clients to rapidly identify the best solution for their business objectives, whether it’s increased productivity, efficiency, growth or all of the above.

“Companies are struggling to solve important business issues and to make better, fact-based decisions,” continued Talton. “With the use of the Gray Matter Advanced Analytics Center, these organizations can leverage critical resources to improve their use of data analytics, an area where they need specialized consulting services in order to compete.”

Gray Matter Analytics provides a “Mind” Assessment that includes a unique, eight-week evaluation with in-depth analysis that provides a comprehensive understanding of client’s business objectives and enterprise architecture. The process is comprised of four phases, define, measure, analyze and recommend. In the first phase experts examine current data usage and business objectives, followed by industry comparisons in the second phase. An ROI analysis and road map make up the third portion of the assessment and the process is concluded with accelerated solutions.

Consultations are provided by professionals with technology consulting experience in financial services and healthcare institutions as well experience in big data, data architecture, statistics and predictive analytics.

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  1. Josh, while this is great news, I don't think you ever posted on Apigee's move from Palo Alto to downtown SJ. They actually moved their corporate headquarters with I believe 300+ employees AND with room to grown. Check it out!