Thursday, December 26, 2013

San Jose Civic Rebranded as the City National Civic

The historic San Jose Civic Auditorium has sold naming rights to City National Bank. For the next five years the venue will be known as the City National Civic. The word Auditorium was purposefully omitted in order to the better position the Civic as a concert destination. San Jose will receive a total of $870,000 from the deal.

City National Bank isn't just changing the sign. Have a second look at yesterday's post and see if you can spot the GIANT signage on the roof of the building. With so many planes flying over San Jose each day, City National's marketing team made a wise decision.

Source: SVBJ


  1. In what world does the word "auditorium" not position a facility as a concert destination? "Civic" makes it sound like a government building and prefixing it with the words "City" and "National" compound that impression, though having all three together makes the implied jurisdiction confused.

    1. Absolutely agree with Tupac. Do they think "auditorium" is too indicative of a lecture hall or something? I don't get it.

    2. I agree comepletely!!! au·di·to·ri·um
      the part of a theater, concert hall, or other public building in which the audience sits.
      synonyms: theater, hall, concert hall, playhouse, assembly room; More
      a large building or hall used for public gatherings, typically speeches or stage performances.

  2. I'm really not a fan of selling naming rights to something like this. As a resident of San Jose,I feel an attachment to the name 'San Jose Civic' . It feels like it belongs to my city. Naming it after a bank headquartered in Los Angeles? Not so much. It's hard to feel any civic pride when I have to advertise for a company just to tell someone where I'm going.