Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Downtown Illumination Project Takes a Step Forward

The Office of Cultural Affairs nabbed a $600,000 ArtPlace America grant a couple years back to implement several art projects Downtown. The first two are moving forward with the adoption of a resolution to execute an agreement with Dan Corson, who will be responsible for the artwork at Highway 87 & Santa Clara as well as Highway 87 & San Fernando. We also have more details on the project itself.

The Santa Clara Street project will be called Sensing You and will include a mural covering the columns and "underside" of the overpass as well as LED lighting elements. Sounds great so far, no? It gets better. The project includes sensors that cause the artwork to react based on the volume of pedestrian traffic. There will also be a partnership with Google's Nitanic Lab--creators of the augmented reality game Ingress--that will allow players to have special abilities to interact with the artwork. Awesome.

Over at San Fernando Street, the project will be entitled Sensing Water. The LED artwork will vary day to day and season to season based on information taken from the Guadalupe River.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing both of these come to life, as well as the other artwork and interactive exhibits that the grant will bring Downtown!

Hat tip to Brent Pearse for sending this in.

Highway 87 & Santa Clara Street
Highway 87 & San Fernando Street


  1. Very cool. Can't wait till it's installed. But since I have no choice I will wait.

  2. I like the idea, and have followed this project since it was first announced a couple years ago. And I like the concepts and interactivity shown for these two underpasses. But I have to say, from these renderings it looks like it's still going to be quite dark underneath. Darkness = feeling less secure = greater perceived barrier = less ped traffic. If an "illumination" project isn't actually addressing the lack of lighting, how much good are we really doing?

  3. Cool beans! The lights will be really neat. Lets hope its doesn't take 2 years to implement.

    They should also stick some little shops under there..Sharks gear, concession stand type stuff etc. Pop-ups perhaps.

  4. Lets just hope these paint sniffers dont go and ruin it sith thiergraffiti!