Friday, February 7, 2014

Rey Giese Tribute Exhibition @ Kaleid

A new exhibition honoring the late Rey Giese (1919-2013) is premiering today as part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk . Rey was the premier sign-painter of Silicon Valley and his work can still be seen throughout the area. He painted thousands and thousands of signs throughout the course of his life and worked all the way up into is his 90s.

The exhibition will showcase 75 years of his work. In addition to Rey Giese originals, a dozen contemporary sign painters will also be doing recreations of Giese designs. I would highly recommend making this your first stop on the art walk... this is pure Bay Area history and Rey Giese's work is well worth celebrating.

The exhibit and artist' reception runs from 7-11pm today at Kalied. You can RSVP (not required) right over here. His works will also be on display until the end of the month at the gallery.

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