Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two New San Pedro Square Market Eateries!

Arepa Swing (Venezuelan Cuisine) is now open in the Market Hall right next to Treatbot. They feature crispy maize-based flatbreads (gluten free) filled with a variety of meats and cheeses. As for the second eatery, Spuds is a loaded backed potato bar with organic topping options. They plan to open a bit later this year and will be the first "Potato Bar" in San Jose. For more details on both Arepa Swing and Spuds, just scroll down.

Arepa is a flatbread made of ground maize dough and is a Venezuelan delicacy! It's a daily tradition that can be served with various items such as cheese, avocado, jam, or split and used to make sandwiches.  Arepa Swing, located in the Market Hall at San Pedro Square Market will offer the best and most traditional Venezuelan Arepas, all glutten-free! Stop on by and grab a bite!

Two crazy dreamers from the Americas' met in Australia in 2009 and  merging both their dreams, passions and skills, they began to develop the concept of SPUDS USA.  They dreamt of real food that can be different, fast and healthy so, here they are in 2014 opening their prototype and first loaded baked potato shop for you to enjoy in the Heart of the Silicon Valley.

Spuds USA is the best way to enjoy real food served to you promptly. The base of our meal is a delicious and soft, Baked potato. Added that we offer you less carbs and calories than average sub sandwich bread, plus a huge variety of delicious organic toppings, your meal will be as healthy as you decide.

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