Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Diridon Station Plan Moves Forward

The master plan for the Diridon area was approved by the San Jose City Council last week. The vision includes up to 5 million SQFT of office/R&D--which is not far away from what all of Downtown San Jose has today (8 million SQFT)--as well as 2,600 residential units, 900 hotel rooms, and 424,000 SQFT of retail.

It is ambitious, but after BART, Bus Rapid Transit, and High Speed Rail connect to Diridon it will be far and away the best connected station in the Bay Area. For more info or to get involved in the planning from the community side, head over to the Diridon Station Area Plan website.

Source: SVBJ

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  1. Downtown San Jose actually has 8.7 million Sq.ft of office space, according to Ritchie Properties and 10 million, according to Cornish & Carey. It has over 9,000 new housing units built since the mid 80's and 2,400 hotel rooms.