Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Clandestine Brewing Opens in San Jose

Another local brewery has opened up shop! Clandestine Brewing is located near the The Plant shopping center south of Downtown San Jose. It is also not very far away from Hermitage or Strike (beer district anyone?).

It looks like they have a great selection of craft beers that I am anxious to try out. You can get a preview below, but I would recommend checking out their website for all of the deets. Their address is 1805 Little Orchard St. Suite 124.

Source: I Heart San Jose


  1. That is one creepy looking dude on their logo. I don't want beer if that guy makes it.

  2. that's the hop-head man! he's battling the evil forces of bad beer

  3. really weird location

  4. With the high rents in Silicon Valley, they would have to go to some places with reasonable rents. I have been there few times and I have to give them thumbs up for being adventurous with their beers. They always have 12 beers on tap. Some I like, some I don't. Again, it is my own personal opinion.
    Give them a try! The guys are nice. Ask them questions.