Thursday, October 9, 2014

Huge E-Sports Event Coming to San Jose

One of the largest "e-sports" events ever to take place in the US is coming to San Jose. The Intel Extreme Masters tournament will host up to 18,000 people on Dec. 6-7 at the SAP Center. Instead of watching a Sharks game, visitors will watch teams competing in League of Legends and StarCraft video game competitions. You are probably asking yourself the same question I did... "is there really enough demand for 18,000 people to come watch others play video games?" Twitch--a site that streams people playing video games and tournaments--claims that it will stream the tournament live to an estimated 4.5 million viewers. Wow.

Given we are in the middle of Silicon Valley, San Jose should become a video game mecha. There is a real opportunity here, especially given how popular e-ports apparently are becoming. For more info on the Extreme Masters tournament, check out the website over here.

Source: SiliconBeat

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